Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine

(Principle herbalist: Charles W. Kane)

  • Providing herbal consultation and formulation services, with the aim of dysfunction alleviation and wellness augmentation.
  • Addressing not just the outward symptom-set, but also the underling pattern of dysfunction. In other words: the application of Constitutional Herbal Medicine.
  • Applied Medical Botany: the collection, preparation, and dispensement of native-wild plants (and non-natives too) with the primary goal of client betterment.
  • Correct herbal preparation: drawn from established botanical preparation technique of a century ago, when pharmacists dealt mostly with herbs and derivatives thereof.
  • Over twenty-five years’ experience: Kane’s understanding of the subject is rooted in hand’s-on involvement.


The effective application of herbal medicine is a somewhat nuanced affair, with the understanding of just what is achievable being of no small importance. Succinctly, well-applied herbal medicine best addresses functional complaints, i.e., problems that are dependent upon stress, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and/or genetic tendency amplified by environmental conditions or age. In other words: low to mid-level complaints.

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