The Herbal Consultation

The client to practitioner in-person meeting is the basis of any herbal consultation. Everything – guidance, recommendations, and herbal therapy – springs from this prima-interaction. Without it – it’s pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

Applied Medical Botany

More than just an academic-sounding term, I view this phrase as a description for core herbal practice: the plying of native/wild (mostly) plants, to people, for a therapeutic result. It also represents the herbal truth of: a successful therapeutic outcome is based upon the (rational) application of botany and medicine (medical physiology, pharmacology, etc.).

Constitutional Herbal Medicine

Addressing not just to outward symptom, but the underlying pattern of dysfunction. This pattern may be genetic, it may be environmental, or often a combination of both, but only when the deeper imbalance is corrected, can the resolution become a reality.

Correct Herbal Preparation

Internal (and topical) herbal preparations come in a multitude of forms: teas, tinctures, fluidextracts, tablets, etc. They are not equal. The selection of one form over another is nearly as important as what herb/s are selected for any given situation. The proper herb is the ‘what’. The best conveyance is the ‘how’. Both are needed.

A Brief History

I began to provide herbal consultations about twenty years ago. After a number of years of skill-honing, I leased my first office in 2000; and the Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine was born.


The effective application of herbal medicine

…is a somewhat nuanced affair, with the understanding of just what is achievable being of no small importance. Succinctly, well-applied herbal medicine best addresses functional complaints, i.e., problems that are dependent upon stress, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and/or genetic tendency amplified by environmental conditions or age. In other words: low to mid-level complaints.

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How to Schedule an Appointment

Please follow these steps to schedule an appointment. Note: I don’t list the direct phone line on the web site. It’s provided after our first communication.

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