For the past several years I’ve taken a sabbatical from private practice in order to focus on writing. Now that my latest book is finished I can renew my focus on seeing new clients.

As of this writing I am currently searching for a suitable office location. Check back here for updates or sign up for the email newsletter (bottom of page) to be notified when the doors open.


The effective application of herbal medicine is a somewhat complex affair with the client’s understanding of just what is achievable being of significant importance. Succinctly, well-applied herbal medicine best addresses functional (low to mid-level) complaints, i.e., problems that are dependent upon stress responses, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and/or genetic weakness exacerbated by environmental conditions or age. Another good candidate for herbal medicine is the person who has tried conventional medicine (or over-the-counter), but then stopped because the side effects had become worse than the original problem.

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Please follow these steps to schedule an appointment. Note: I don’t list the office phone number on the web site. It’s provided after our first communication.

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