Frequently Asked Questions

Certain pre-appointment questions come up more than others. Here’s a list of some of the more common ones.

How long will it take for me to see a difference with my situation?

If the correct herb or combination is given, correct being the operative word, one day to one week, depending on the situation. Nervous system, gastrointestinal, and skin-oriented conditions usually respond (not resolve, but begin to respond) within a day or two. Long-standing vascular, metabolic, reproductive, or inflammatory-immune issues often take longer. A general rule-of-thumb is: the longer the dysfunction has existed, the greater the length of time needed to see herbal results. [Top]

I’m receiving care from other branches of medicine (or self-care), do you coordinate your recommendations?

Absolutely. Relatedly – an important question to ask about a therapy, whatever modality, is, is it helping? It may seem like an obvious comparison, but there’s a big difference between a supplement, herb, drug, or otherwise, helping, versus, supposing to help. I’m of the opinion that ‘less is more’; so if the job can get done with one or two approaches, rather than a half-dozen, then I’m all for streamlining. However, if the pharmaceutical, supplement, iv-drip therapy, etc. is having a net-beneficial effect, then I’ll be the first to say – stay the course. [Top]

I’m taking an herbal formula from another herbalist (or a store-bought herbal supplement) and it seems to be effective. Can you duplicate it and provide me with the same herbal formula?

As long as you come in for a consultation, which allows me to do my job properly, and the positive effects of the herbal formula are as described, then yes. [Top]

Note: in formula matching, knowing the herbal ratios (and the specific herbs) is important. Continuing to purchase the formula from the original source is optimal, but I’m assuming for whatever reason, that’s not an option.

I want my spouse/significant other/family member to come in for an appointment. Can I schedule it for him?

With the exception of someone who needs a parent or guardian throughout the scheduling and office visit process, the adult of concern, needs to personally put in the effort of scheduling an appointment. This demonstrates to me that they are sincerely interested and not being forced into an office visit. [Top]

My spouse/significant other wants to accompany me during the appointment. Can be sit in?

No, but he’s welcome to wait in the lobby. [Top]

What’s your opinion of medicinal-Marijuana?

Usually Cannabis’ several therapeutic benefits can be matched by much less risky herbal medicines. If the ‘high’ from medicinal-Marijuana is undesirable, but the spasmolytic, stomachic, or sedative effects are wanted, then most clients will find herbal medicine a better choice. [Top]

Are you a retail herb shop?

No. My services are consultation-based. I only sell herbs (mostly tailored formulas) to clients. [Top]

Do you email/phone/video chat consult?

No. Consultations need to be in-person. There’s no way to properly assess a client’s situation through these modes of communication. [Top]

Do you make house calls?

As long as it’s in the Tucson-area, and the residence (or a room within the residence) is distraction-free, I’ll consider it. The consultation fee for a house call is $250 (pre-pay and no sliding scale for house-calls). [Top]

What forms of payment do you accept? Insurance?

Cash, check, money order, and credit/debit cards. I do not accept insurance/Medicare/Etc. [Top]

Can I barter or trade for your services?

No. But I do have sliding scale. [Top]

What is your sliding scale policy?

It’s pretty simple – if paying the $100-$120 (initial consult with herbs) means a utility bill, the rent, or another essential payment gets put off – please ask for the sliding scale.

If paying the $100-$120 means that money doesn’t go into the mutual fund this month…be proud to pay the full price! [Top]

What is your therapeutic overlay? Western, eastern, metaphysical, etc.?

Critical thinking and the application of western scientific thought have done a pretty good job at lifting Mankind out of the Dark Ages. The application of these perspectives is likewise optimal in channeling herbal potential into herbal result. [Top]

I’m a visiting herbalist/student and would like to pick your brain. Possible?

I’m always happy to meet with visiting herbalists/students (other modalities too). Contact me using the form (Contact page), and we’ll schedule a time for you to come in to the office (gratis). [Top]