How to Schedule an Appointment

  1. Contact me via the form on the Contact page, with your name, email, phone number, and a brief description of the main complaint.
  2. I’ll then call back so we can briefly discuss the issue and then set up an office appointment (9am-5pm M-F).
  3. I’ll send two intake forms to you (email/mail/fax, your choice). Bring the completed forms to the appointment.

Additional Notes

  • Before making contact, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page. This continues to clarify, not only what I offer, but how it’s offered.
  • This is an herbal consultation practice (not a retail herb shop). If it’s simply a tea/tincture/dried herb that is desired (with no consultation) you’ll be better served by purchasing the item in a store. Relatedly, I don’t sell herbs/custom formulas to non-clients.
  • Aside from the preliminary contact, I do not internet/phone/email consult. Consultations are in-person and by appointment only. *I do make an exception for COVID related consultations. These are conducted by phone.*
  • I’ve been a practicing herbalist since the 90s. This span of experience has allowed me to explore and integrate (and discard) a variety of  herbal approaches. I have a sensible view of the subject; meaning, my therapeutic assessments are based upon western scientific interpretations (not metaphysics, etc.) of disfunction and health. To depart from the application of reason/critical thinking as the main interpretive lens, I believe does the client (and herbal subject) a disservice.


Of course it’s not ideal, but there’s no problem with a cancellation or rescheduling the day before (or prior to the day before) the appointment. With the exception of emergencies, if the cancellation occurs the same day of the consult (or no-shows), and a future appointment is desired, I’ll most likely refer that person to another practitioner.


Our relationship is completely confidential. Any information about you will not be shared without your written consent.


I am not a doctor/physician. Herbal/health consultations, suggested supplementation, and related services provided by CWK (i.e. Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine) are not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis and care, which can only be performed by a licensed physician.